Five Things To Love About Our Beanbags

Here’s a fun post to celebrate five of the best things about our genuine Kaikoo beanbags..not that we are biased or anything :)

The Lounging Factor - Whether you are a classic lounge lizard or just like to chill occasionaly there is no doubt in our minds that nothing in the entire world allows you to relax so deeply as one of our giant beanbags!

The Popularity Factor – Once you are a proud owner of one of our stylish beanbags the only downfall will be the ensuing fights which break out over who gets to sit on it…the whole family will love the style and comfort of your new beanbag from the family pet to your Great Gran! 

A Colour For Every Day Of The Week – If you are prone to being fickle fear not as Mr Beanbag has more than enough shades of bright and beautiful beanbags to keep even the fussiest interior style guru at bay!  Available in every colour of the rainbow and more, so if you like to mix and match things up a little take your pick from our humongous selection of colours.  Can’t quite decide? Buy a few then you can mix ‘n” match depending on your mood.

The Student Factor - Beanbags are the ideal piece of furniture for student pads as they are inexpensive, easy to move and offer the ultimate way for a student to relax after their hectic schedule of studying and partying catch up.  In our opinion no student pad is complete without a beanbag.

The Practical Factor - Many of the beanbags in our range have removable cotton covers which makes them super-simple to keep clean.  The bean bags in our faux leather range have the benefit of being easily wiped down, so the inevitable spills of daily life will simply wipe away restoring your beanbag to it’s former glory.

Of course these are not the only things to love about our beanbags but if you want to find out for yourself why we are so passionate about our products pay us a visit at to view our fun and funky range of beanbag furniture.


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